Wednesday, July 6, 2011

One final thing :(

At the beginning of this blogging experience if you would have asked if I was excited for you I would have definitely told you NO, but now I feel different. I have more than enjoyed this entire experience with the 23 things and web 2.0 tools. I wish I was able to have more time to play around with some of the different tools and gadgets, but this being a summer class it's a little difficult.

My absolute favorite activity was LiveBinders. I could use this for myself personally or in the classroom, but also for my students and parents as well. It is a very neat tool that I knew nothing about.

I think this program is beyond satisfactory the way it is right now, I would not change a thing. Dr. Wall did an excellent job creating it and using other resources to base her information from. Everything I have learned from this experience will allow me to become a better teach. I will be able to provide more technology resources for my students and myself. Web 2.0 will constantly be changing because technology is always improving. I have found that through blogging and checking educational websites that I now follow I can keep up-to-date with the new Web 2.0 tools.

Well it has been fun everyone, I will miss blogging about my "23 things", but I am considering starting my own blog now.

Have a great rest of the summer!


Thing #23

I noticed throughout my time working with the "23 things" that a lot of them were edited ideas by others that used the Creative Commons license. For example Thing #21 says at the bottom:

(originally posted on
Explore...Discover...Play: Learning 2.1 and used here under a Creative Commons license)
I think this allows me to see that it is okay edit other people's work and use it in my classroom. I cannot claim it as my own but it is not to know that I can use work without asking permission. I love that Creative Commons is now a part of the copyright licensing. I can't imagine how difficult it was for teachers when it did not exist.

For this class I created a Power Point that introduced the ideas of Copyright and Creative Commons to my 3rd grade students in a way they could understand it. I used assignments they had created themselves as an example to explain the difference between the two.

I will greatly benefit from the Creative Commons licensing in my classroom. I will probably use someone else's work to help me teach my lesson and I do not have to worry about being arrested to do so!!

Thing #22

3rd Grade Resources

This is such a neat idea, something I never would have thought of. I am so baffled about how far education has progressed since I was in school. Above is the folder I created in LiveBinders for 3rd grade resources. I have the Tennessee State Standards as one of the resources, as well as an interactive website and a lesson plan. All of the items that are in my binder are something we used in this class, they were such good resources. I had to continue sharing them! The other binders I created were "Education Resources for Beginning Teachers" and "Elementary School Teachers". There were already several websites and other online things I could look through on the binder. I will be using these in my class to allow my students and teachers to look up resources we are using at school. Sometimes students do not finish all of their work at school so being able to have the website readily available at home makes it a lot easier. I could use this as an online scavenger hunt as well, but my students would have all of the resources in one central place. I would not have to worry about them wondering about the Internet. I really really like this LiveBinder stuff!

Thing #21

Animoto is so much fun! This is such a fun a great website to create slide shows on. It was fairly easy to use and provided step-by-step instructions. My animoto video is of when my husband and I went to see Garth Brooks back in December. The concert was purely amazing, definitely in my top 2 of concerts I've been too. (Trust me, I am a concert junkie). We had a wonderful time so I figured this would be a fun video to share on my blog. I wish I could add one of his songs to the video but they are very hard to come by for mp3 download. I chose something that would be similar to what he would sing. I hope you enjoy the video!

Create your own video slideshow at

Thing #20

I am going to venture to say that just about every person has experienced YouTube in some type of fashion. I use YouTube all the time to find out information I am not familiar with. My husband used YouTube to install my car radio. He put it together step by step and it worked perfectly fine! I chose the following video for a couple of reasons:
1. I love School House Rock
2. School House Rock videos can be educational
3. I used it to introduce my lesson in my instructional strategies class
4. Children love music and something they can watch

Though I love YouTube, I believe when you are teaching it is better to use a website known as TeacherTube. Most schools have YouTube blocked from the use of the students. My professor of instructional strategies informed me that my principal would rather see TeacherTube than YouTube on my lesson plan. YouTube can lead students to videos that are not educational. If they are on TeacherTube they cannot look up a video for Lil' Wayne or Keith Urban. LOL. Yes this website can be used in the classroom, but as I said I would definitely recommend TeacherTube over YouTube.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thing #19

I am currently waiting approval of my TeacherPop account.
*Update: I was approved about 10 hours after I posted this, way to go Dr. Wall!*

TeacherPop is such a neat website. As someone else mentioned, it is kind of like Facebook. I decided to upload a profile picture of myself. I also uploaded a school house rock video from YouTube, you can tell I love those right? :) I plan to continue my use of TeacherPop to stay updated on current trends happening that my peers and professors are posting.

While I wait for the approval on that (let's hope that is before Friday at 8 a.m., right classmates?!) I will blog about the other sites I am currently a part of. While scrolling through the list of other social networking sites I noticed I was already a member of some of them. My husband and I have a subscription to on our Xbox gaming console. We use it a lot when we are cleaning the house :D. Also, I am also looking on IMDB if I cannot find the name of a certain movie and actor played in or maybe just looking up more info on them. I plan to look more into the education sites because through this blog I have learned there are so many educational resources right in front of us, but we have to take advantage of them while we can.

Thing #18

My facebook account has been active for almost three years now. I use it to keep up with family and friends. This post tells us to friend teachers or other educational resources, which is something I have already done. I have a lot of friends on facebook who are currently teachers or training to be an educator. They are tons of help when I have a question about a lesson plan or even a project I am trying to finish in one of my education classes. Click on the link below to view my facebook page, but please note it is private and in order to see my wall posts and/or pictures you will need to send me a friend requests.

My Facebook Page

Now Twitter is a whole different story. I have been VERY against Twitter because I was sick of everyone talking about it all the time, but now I really like it! I was able to follow a couple of educational blogs such as PBS. There is a link to my Twitter page below.

My Twitter Page

We all need to be aware of the social networking sites that are on the web, whether we are a teacher, parent, or even a friend. Social networking sites can be helpful and fun, but can become harmful and dangerous in a split second. As future educators we can encourage our children to use such site but warn them of the precaution they need to take. As I said I did not like Twitter at first, but I have grown to love it. The PBS site I follow usually includes external links in most of its "tweets" which provide further information on educational resources. I like Facebook because I can interact with my family, friends, and colleagues, but I do not think it is too much of a child friendly site. Though Facebook has the most useful features, I believe Twitter can be more beneficial in the classroom for students. Facebook has way too many games and add-ons that are required for their applications. As I said several Twitter accounts include outside links to other pages therefore your students will be linked to the information they need.